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Instant global news data with a fully custom delivery

Datandard is creating the world’s most advanced news dataset for a wide range of use-cases.

News data that you can trust

Real-time global news data: Refreshed daily from over 8000 publications across 200+ countries


Our comprehensive news dataset is regularly updated to include news data from across the web. Our news covers over 8000 media publications and this number is growing every day. News records cover 200+ countries and 10+ of the world’s most spoken languages.


Data is structured and enriched with our proprietary tagging system. We clean and update data to make it simple and effective to ingest. This happens within one hour of publication, creating a speedy, regularly updated dataset.


We are currently generating over 50m data points per month, including media, raw content, language and smart category tagging. All tags are cleaned routinely to avoid duplicates and to allow customers to effectively integrate news data to their project.