Mobile App Intelligence

Introducing our comprehensive Mobile App Intelligence Dataset—a valuable resource offering deep insights into the world of publishers and apps. This dataset is a meticulously curated repository of information designed to provide a holistic view of the dynamic landscape of app publishers.


Extensive Coverage

Our dataset is sourced from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, offering one of the most extensive collections of app data available. This wide coverage ensures you can gain insights into a diverse range of apps and websites across various industries and geographies.

Within this dataset, you’ll find essential data about apps and publishers, helping you stay informed and competitive. Discover strategies employed by leading publishers and assess the performance of their apps across various platforms. Our publisher and app dataset is crafted to empower developers, marketers, and analysts with the insights needed to make informed decisions, identify emerging opportunities, and navigate the ever-evolving world of apps and publishing.

About this dataset

Ads.txt and App-Ads.txt Information

Link our dataset with detailed information from ads.txt and app-ads.txt files associated with each domain. This data is crucial for verifying the authenticity of authorized sellers, mitigating ad fraud, and optimizing programmatic advertising campaigns.



Field Type Description
id UUID A Datandard-specific ID.
store Enum “Google” or “Apple” indicating the store.
name String Publisher name.
website String URL to the publisher’s site or application store.
email String Discovered email for the publisher.
address String Publisher’s physical address, if provided.
external_id String Store-provided ID (not always present).
cross_store_id UUID UUID linking different stores’ publishers.
domains JSON/List Domains linked to the publisher.


Field Type Description
id UUID A Datandard-specific ID.
store Enum “Google” or “Apple” indicating the store.
name String App name.
description Text Plain text description of the app.
summary Text Plain text summary of the app.
installs String Number or range of expected installs (e.g., “1,000,000+”).
min_installs Integer Lower bound of installs.
real_installs Integer Actual number of installs (if available).
score Float Average app rating.
ratings Integer Number of ratings.
reviews Integer Number of reviews.
price String App price.
free Boolean Indicates if the app is free (Google Play only).
currency String Price currency (e.g., “USD”).
sale Boolean Indicates if the app is on sale (Google Play only).
offers_iap Boolean If the app offers in-app purchases.
in_app_product_price String Price of in-app items (e.g., “$3.99 per item”).
privacy_policy String URL to the privacy policy.
genre String Main genre/category of the app.
genre_id String Store-specific genre ID.
icon String URL to the app icon.
header_image String URL to the app header image.
screenshots List List of app screenshots.
categories List Structured object of genres the app is linked to.
video String URL to the app video.
video_image String Picture representing the app video.
content_rating String Recommended audience (e.g., “3+”).
content_rating_description String Additional context for content rating.
ad_supported Boolean If the app supports ads.
contains_ads Boolean If the app contains ads.
released_at Timestamp When the app was released.
changed_at Timestamp Last update.
version String Developer-supplied version.
app_id String Bundle ID (e.g., com.mytravaly.mytravaly).
url String URL to the app listing.
country String 2-letter country code.
language String 2-letter language code.
is_gamecenter_enabled Boolean If the app integrates with Apple GameCenter.
features String Enabled features (e.g., gameCenter, iosUniversal).
supported_devices String Supported devices (e.g., iPhone5s, iPadAir).
kind String Categorization of the app.
release_notes Text Developer-provided release notes.
is_vpp_device_based_licensing_enabled Boolean If VPP device-based licensing is enabled.
track_id String Numeric ID for Apple App Store.
country_codes List List of country codes where the app is available.
filesize_bytes Integer App download size.
advisories Text Additional content rating context.
current_version_rating Float Current version’s average rating.
current_version_count Integer Number of ratings for the current version.
minimum_os_version String Minimum OS version required.
stars_1 Integer Number of 1-star ratings.
stars_2 Integer Number of 2-star ratings.
stars_3 Integer Number of 3-star ratings.
stars_4 Integer Number of 4-star ratings.
stars_5 Integer Number of 5-star ratings.
publisher_id UUID Reference to the publisher.
permissions JSON Structure of app permissions (e.g., control vibration, full network access).
formatted_price String Human-readable version of the price.
seller_name String Seller name (organization).
track_censored_name String Censored version of the app name.
seller_url String URL of the app.

Use Cases

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Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Analyze market trends, identify competitors, and assess the performance of apps and publishers within specific niches. This information helps businesses refine their strategies, find market gaps, and gain a competitive edge.


App Development and Optimization

Developers can use the dataset to understand user preferences, demographics, and behaviors, enabling the creation and optimization of apps that cater to their target audience, resulting in higher user retention and engagement.


Digital Advertising and Monetization

Marketers can identify high-performing apps and publishers for advertising campaigns. By targeting the right audience and platforms, they can maximize the ROI of their advertising spend.


User Acquisition and Engagement

Companies looking to acquire new users or increase user engagement can identify apps and publishers with similar user bases, allowing for strategic partnerships, cross-promotions, or targeted outreach to potential users.