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Mobile app intelligence

Introducing our comprehensive dataset, a valuable resource offering insights into the world of publishers and apps. This dataset is a rich repository of information, meticulously curated to provide you with a holistic view of the dynamic landscape of publishers and apps.

Within this dataset, you will find essential data about apps and publishers, helping you stay informed and competitive. Discover strategies employed by leading publishers and assess the performance of their apps across various platforms.

Our publisher and app dataset is designed to empower developers, marketers, and analysts with the insights they need to make informed decisions, identify emerging opportunities, and navigate the ever-evolving world of apps and publishing.

  1. Extensive Coverage: With data sourced from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, our dataset offers one of the most extensive collections of app data. This wide coverage ensures that you can gain insights into a diverse range of websites and apps, spanning various industries and geographies.
  2. Ads.txt and App-Ads.txt Information: Our dataset can be linked with the detailed information on ads.txt and app-ads.txt files associated with each domain (different dataset). This information is crucial for verifying the authenticity of authorized sellers, mitigating ad fraud, and optimizing programmatic advertising campaigns.

Use cases

This dataset can be leveraged for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis: Companies can use this dataset to analyze market trends, identify competitors, and assess the performance of apps and publishers within specific niches. This information can help businesses refine their strategies, find gaps in the market, and gain a competitive edge.
  • App Development and Optimization: Developers can leverage the dataset to understand user preferences, demographics, and behaviors. This insight enables them to create and optimize apps that cater to their target audience, resulting in higher user retention and engagement.
  • Digital Advertising and Monetization: Marketers can use the dataset to identify high-performing apps and publishers for advertising campaigns. By targeting the right audience and platforms, they can maximize the ROI of their advertising spend.
  • User Acquisition and Engagement: Companies looking to acquire new users or increase user engagement can use the dataset to identify apps and publishers with a similar user base. This allows for strategic partnerships, cross-promotions, or targeted outreach to potential users.
  • Investment and Partnership Opportunities: Investors and venture capitalists can use the dataset to identify promising publishers and apps for potential investment or partnership opportunities. Data on app performance and market trends can inform investment decisions in the rapidly evolving app ecosystem.

As you explore this dataset, we hope you find it to be a valuable resource that empowers you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead in the dynamic world of digital advertising.



idUUIDA datandard specific id.
storeEnumEither “Google” or “Apple” indicating which store the publisher is from.
nameStringThe name of the publisher
websiteStringA url to the publisher. This can be a link to the application store or to an external website.
emailStringA discovered email to the publisher.
addressStringA physical address to the publisher if this is provided.
external_idStringA id provided by the store. This is not always present.
cross_store_idUUIDA UUID used to link different publishers across the stores. If the same UUID is set on two publishers they are deemed to be the same publisher.
domainsJSON/ListA list of domains linked to this publisher. This can be used to link with the advertisement data set


idUUIDA datandard specific id.
storeEnumEither “Google” or “Apple” indicating which store the name is from.
nameStringThe name of the name
descriptionTextThe publisher provided description of the app in plain text. See the language parameters that indicates the expected language of all content.
summaryTextThe publisher provided summary of the app in plain text.
installsStringA string containing a number or range of expected installs of this app. Please note that this is not the number of active installs or active users, but an indication of the number of times an app was installed on a device. This is a human readable number, for example “1,000,000+”.
min_installsIntegerA lower bound of the number of installs.
real_installsIntegerA provide real number of install. This is not always available.
scoreFloatThe average rating of the app.
ratingsIntegerThe number of ratings an app has reviewed.
reviewsIntegerThe number of reviews.
priceStringThe price of the app. See also currency field.
freeBooleanIndicates if the app is free. This is only available for Google Play Apps.
currencyStringThe currency of the price of the app. For example “USD”.
saleBooleanThis is only available for Google Play Apps.
offers_iapBooleanIf the app offers purchases in the app.
in_app_product_priceStringA human readable indication of the price of items inside the app. For example “$3.99 per item”.
privacy_policyStringA url to the privacy policy
genreStringThe genre / category of the app. For example “Travel”. This is for the main genre, see “categories” for more.
genre_idStringThe store specific genre id. This is numeric for the Apple App Store and an uppercase identifier for Google Play. This is for the main genre, see “categories” for more.
iconStringAn url to the app icon.
header_imageStringAn url to the app header image.
screenshotsListA list of screenshots of the app.
categoriesListA structured object of the genres this app is linked to. For example:
{"genres": "Finance,Business", "genreIds": "6015,6000"}
videoStringAn url to the app video.
video_imageStringPicture representing the app video.
content_ratingStringIndicating the recommended audience of the application. For example “3+” or “Everyone”.
content_rating_descriptionStringContaining additional context for the content rating. For example “Violence, Blood”.
ad_supportedBooleanIf the app supports ads.
contains_adsBooleanIf the app contains ads.
released_atTimestampWhen the app was released to the store.
changed_atTimestampThe last release to the store.
versionStringA developer supplied version.
app_idStringThe bundle id of the app. For example com.mytravaly.mytravaly. See also the track_id for Apple Apps.
urlStringURL to the app listing in the store.
countryString2 letter country code for the app store.
languageString2 letter country code for the app store.
is_gamecenter_enabledBooleanIf this app integrates with the Apple GameCEnter
featuresStringFeatures enabled. For example gameCenter,iosUniversal
supported_devicesStringWhich devices supports this app. For example
kindStringThe categorization of the app. For example software.
release_notesTextThe developer provided release notes.
track_idStringA numeric unique identifier for the Apple Appstore.
country_codesListA list of country codes where this app is available.
filesize_bytesIntegerThe size of the app download.
advisoriesTextAdditional context of the content rating. For example:
“Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information”
current_version_ratingFloatThe average rating of the current version.
current_version_countIntegerThe number of ratings the current version has received.
minimum_os_versionStringThe minimum os version required to run this app.
stars_1IntegerThe number of ratings where 1 star was given.
stars_2IntegerThe number of ratings where 2 stars was given.
stars_3IntegerThe number of ratings where 3 stars was given.
stars_4IntegerThe number of ratings where 4 stars was given.
stars_5IntegerThe number of ratings where 5 stars was given.
publisher_idUUIDA reference to the publisher.
permissionsJSONA structure of permissions the app is allowed to prompt for. For example:
{"Other": ["control vibration", "full network access", "prevent device from sleeping", "run at startup", "view network connections"], "Uncategorized": ["receive data from Internet"]}
formatted_priceStringA human readable version of the price.
seller_nameStringThe seller name (Organization).
track_censored_nameStringA censored version of the track name (app name).
seller_urlStringUrl of the app.